Mar 2 Meeting

Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Grand Knight David Smith.

Roll of officers was taken.

No applications for membership were presented.

Grand Knight brought two issues forward.

For us to be most effective membership should speak and act as a single voice to the parish. Outside of receiving input from parishioners, issues under discussion should remain within the council until decisions are made that will allow us to act as one.

Due to the ongoing health issues, we should refrain from using the school buildings for any Council activities.

Treasurer reports current bank balance at 13,273.58 Motion was made and seconded to pay the bills.

A Technology Committee was established to facilitate member interactions via the internet. As some council members (like this recorder) are technology challenged, this committee will control the councils’ electronic communication and provide assistance to members.

Under unfinished business the following topics were discussed:                                              

·        Survey

·        Storage room (John Paul Room); this will become available as we transition to using the John Paul Room

·        300 Club (Curt)

·        Affiliate Member program

·        COAL Tickets; Sales are going well

·        The issues relating to the fish fry were again discussed. Decisions relating to this year were affirmed and we look forward to next year.

Under new business the following items were discussed:

·        Payment of utilities will continue

·        During Summerfest the Knights agreed to run the Bingo tent. Bob/Brian will organize the Bingo activities

·        State Convention is upcoming

The District Deputy reported two items:

The Chapter meeting system is not working. Officers are required to attend this training. They are held the first Tuesday of the month.

The Pilgrim Icon program is still active. Email Tom Volk if you have questions.

Fourth Degree meeting will be held on March 23 at St. Ferdinand’s parish at 7 p.m.

Good of the Order:      

·        Pray for those on our list

·        Pray for the people of Ukraine

Closing Prayer was said and meeting was adjourned.