Feb 16 Meeting

Our officers' meeting was held virtually in Google Meeting with 8 members in attendance, including our DD, Mike Egnacheski.  The following issues were discussed and/or enacted:

  1. Our new Program Director, Curt Zingaro, reported.  He's very interested in each director develop plans to revitalize the council!

  2. Grand Knight Smith reported:

    1. Our conducting Lenten Fish dinners this year has been cancelled.  A combination of kitchen restrictions and time restraints make holding Fish Dinners this year unworkable.

    2. No permanent decision was made concerning utilities payments pending discussions with Fr. Bober and Joan.  It was decided to hold this month's payment.

    3. Assessment of non-dues paying members was held.  Committee included:

      1. Grand Knight

      2. Financial Secretary

      3. Membership Chairman

      4. Trustees

    4. Thursday on-line training dates were forwarded in Grand Knight's e- mail to members.

    5. State convention to be held in Poconos.  No attendees.

    6. Technology committee was recommended.  Membership to include:

      1. Regis McAfee

      2. Dave Revitsky

      3. Other members invited by Grand Knight

  3. Next meeting will be a General meeting on Mar 16.  It will be a face-to-face meeting atr the old church at 7:30.