Feb 2 Meeting

Our general meeting was held virtually in Google Meeting with 10 members in attendance.  The following issues were discussed and/or enacted:

  1. Treasurer and Financial Secretary reported.

    1. Fr. Albert Semler retired

    2. Joe Latess, our insurance representative, retired.

  2. Directors present reported.

  3. Grand Knight Smith reported and conducted old business:

    1. Our ability to conduct Lenten Fish dinners is still undecided.  Discussion with Reinhart salesperson ascertained that cod would be available.

    2. No permanent decision was made concerning utilities payments pending discussions with Fr. Bober and Joan.  It was decided to hold this month's payment.

    3. Storage room in the old church was disapproved, but an alternate area is being considered.

    4. Assessment of non-dues paying members to be held.  Committee to include:

      1. Grand Knight

      2. Financial Secretary

      3. Membership Chairman

      4. Trustees

    5. Thursday on-line training dates were forwarded in Grand Knight's e- mail to members.

    6. State convention to be held in Poconos.  No attendees.

    7. Survey on web page needs to be completed and submitted by all members.

    8. New Parish members:

      1. How many have there been in the past year?

      2. Is the New Member package is sent to each new family?

      3. Is the Knight's Welcome letter in the package?

      4. Can we get a phone number or e-mail address to allow us to follow up?

    9. Discussed the 300 Raffle.

      1. 300 tickets to be sold.  Will members be asked to sell/buy tickets?

      2. Will Council buy any remaining tickets?

      3. Will we need a small games license?

      4. Can we put payment on webpage (i.e.Paypal, credit cards)?

    10. Discussed potential for BINGO.

      1. Use old church.  Room for about 100 people.

      2. Church has license.

      3. Paper cards, may get packs.

      4. No smoking.

      5. Sell snacks and drinks.

      6. Sell daubers.

  4. New Business

    1. Life Teen is performing a Living Rosary and is requesting donations to raise $3000.  Moved, seconded, and passed a donation of $300.

    2. Brother Cararie discussed doing a Patriotic Rosary after the 9: 00 Mass on May 22.

      1. Need to get Fr. Bober's permission

      2. Have the pamphlets.

      3. Need a Knight to lead each decade.

  5. Next meeting will be an Officers meeting on Feb 16.  All meetings will be virtual until further notice.  Link will be sent.