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Rev. Charles Bober - Chaplin

Father Charles Bober is this council's religious leader.  As such, he leads our spiritual life.  As our Chaplin, he ensures our integration in the parish by sponsoring numerous council programs.


Robert Kearney - Grand Knight

One of our most active members, Bob has been at the center of all of our council's programs.  He has been involved in every major program ensuring the the continued success of the council.


Bruce Lazar  - Deputy Grand Knight

Bruce has been Financial Secretary and is currently serving as District Deputy also.


Michael Macri - Treasurer

Mike Macri is ensures that all the funds coming in and going out are expertly managed.  His attention to detail and fiscal awareness ensure funds are available for all our council projects.

Dave R_edited_edited.jpg

Dave Revitsky - Financial Secretary

Dave Revitsky is the Financial Secretary, charged with the overall management of all of the council's fiscal responsibilities.  He expertly manages the budget to ensure the funding of the council's myriad programs.

Officers: Meet the Team
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